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Say goodbye to the traditional way of studying and hello to a whole new world of learning at the Alkousar, a global organization, has introduced courses that will enable you to learn by interacting not just with faculty at your center, but also with experts across Pakistan. Practice your concepts in the machine room supported by your Alkousar faculty. Revise lectures and catch up on missed classes with Lesson on Demand and brush up on the practical application of concepts while sitting at home. Or if you prefer studying with friends, use our group-based online learning modules and solve assignments with your batch mates. With the constant evolution in technology, each of us needs to be updated or get skilled in the field of Information Technology, in order to perform efficiently at our workplaces. Alkousar has a range of Courses in IT that offer something to everyone.

Certificate Program In Advanced Java Programming For Web Development

Java technology is the foundation for virtually every type of networked application. It is the global standard for developing and delivering mobile applications, games, smart cards, and practically any other digital device. Java technology powers state-of-the-art programs including set-top boxes, printers, webcams, car navigation systems, and parking payment stations. Therefore, IT professionals aspiring to become Java developers need to be equipped with the semantic skills to develop such applications. In addition, every organization today needs a global presence in order to expand and make their products and services available. This represents a dire need for design and development of Web applications. Web applications have revolutionized the way a business is conducted or day-to-day tasks are performed. These applications enable organizations and individuals to share and access information from anywhere and at any time.

About the course:

This course aims at imparting expertise in Web application development using Web components of Java EE, such as servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP). In this course, learner will learn to create servlets, handle servlet life cycle events, perform inter-servlet communication, and implement advanced servlet techniques like threading and filtering. In addition, the learner will learn to build JSP applications, create custom tag libraries, and implement EL and JSTL. Further, learner will learn to secure Java EE Web applications using different authentication techniques.

Course Curriculum:

Understand HTTP request/response cycle and servlet lifecycle
1. Identify services provided by the Web Container
2. Implement MVC design pattern
3. Implement servlet request dispatcher, filters, and servlet listeners
4. Handle errors and exceptions
5. Develop JSP pages using EL and JSTL
6. Implement JDBC, Java persistence API, and session management
7. Create asynchronous Web applications
8. Implement security: Role based security, encryption, and JAAS
9. Implement Struts framework and Java EE design patterns


Advanced Java Programing for Web Development
Developing Mobile Apps on the Android Platform
Android, backed by Google Inc., is the fastest growing open source mobile device platform, which in turn is powered by Linux operating system. Android offers a simple yet powerful application development framework (C++/Java and XML) and open access to APIs to build richer mobile applications. Applications can range from enhancing the user experience to productivity and entertainment. Considering the growing popularity and usability of the Android platform, there is a dire need of skilled application developers in the industry.

About the course:

The Developing Mobile Apps for the Android Platform program is meant for the segment that understands Java programming and are keen on gaining skills on application development on the Android platform. This program focuses on application level APIs and imparts in-depth skills to develop user and data-centric mobile applications and utilities on the Android platform. This program imparts skills in Android application development including working with graphics, multimedia, connectivity, and location-based services. In addition, the learner will learn to debug, deploy and test mobile applications.
Who should go for this course?
Candidates with Knowledge of Java programming and application development

Course Curriculum:

Programme Modules:
1. Build the user interface with menus, tabs, styles, and themes
2. Work with Activities, Intents, Services, & Broadcast receivers
3. Store and retrieve data
4. Notify the user
5. Customize views
6. Work with Location-based Services
7. Implement SMS and telephony
8. Enhance applications with graphics and multimedia
9. Secure, test, debug, and deploy Android applications


Developing Mobile App Development for the Android Platform
Business Analytics Course for Working Professionals
Analytics is emerging as the biggest business opportunity within the technology space. It is already transforming businesses and their ability to compete by helping them make smarter decisions. It is the new career choice for those who want to stay ahead and among the most well paid professions today. In order to work in this industry however, working professionals need to go for Business Analyst courses that ready them for the market. These Business Analytics courses are necessary to equip professionals with the in-depth knowledge and skills that the industry requires. Alkousar offers you Business Analyst training that positions you well for a career in Analytics. These courses for business analysts provide you with the right knowledge and skills that you need in the workplace.

DIT - Diploma in Information Technology

DIT - Diploma in Information Technology related to analysis, programming, computer organization, data management, systems development, computer communications, and professional practice and systems principles. The demand for information technology (IT) professionals has grown rapidly in the last decade. This main objective is to equipping students with the technical knowledge required for an IT environment and also developing skills in understanding IT applications in various corporate businesses and banking sectors. Well 'programme intended to develop high quality information technology manpower to meet the needs of industry and educational institutions as well as prepare candidates for advanced study in the field of information technology and computer science.

Career Options

The range of Information Technology expands to diverse areas such as hardware and software, telecommunication and multimedia to name few. After gaining diploma Information Technology, Students are able to seek a career in the Information Technology industry to evolve technology solutions meeting the business as well as information requirements of the organizations.

Major Subjects

• Introduction To Information Technology
• Common Application Packages
• Systems Analysis And Design
• Data Communications And Networking
• Computer Architecture And Organization
• Mathematics
• Programming & Data Structures (Using 3gls)
• Internet Technologies
• Management Information Systems
• Database Technology
Admission Requirements
Admissions are opened to all the students who have qualified their Matriculation, O-Level or equivalent examination from any recognized Board / University.

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